RIGELLO Coffee Roastery

Rigello’s roasting facility, although it operates globally, was established
locally in Lodz out of a passion for coffee.
What is important for us?

Fine coffee - for everyone

We believe that everyone has the right to enjoy coffee and realize
their coffee projects, dreams and businesses based on it.

Composing profiled blends

Our mission is to roast the best coffee blends, create great products, control their quality and provide support.


We select beans from the current harvest, compose blends, and roast according to demand. We design packaging, create unique blends and arrange logistics.
We roast and pack. All of these processes take place in-house, so we oversee every stage of production. We take care of the overall. It is with us that your coffee package is created from start to finish. From a green bean to a brewed cup of coffee at your customer’s home.


How many people, so many flavors. We realize that everyone is looking for something unique, something tailored to their taste buds. We rise to the occasion and create custom blends. We look for such proportions of beans until we find the best solution. We are not afraid to compose blends that are bold, non-obvious and from different latitudes. We believe that everyone has the right to find that taste of coffee,
which will fascinate and absorb him.


At our coffee roastery, the beans are roasted in artisanal roasters made by the American company Diedrich. Slowly, from 12 to as much as 22 minutes and at a grain-friendly temperature of 400 degrees. All these treatments are aimed at bringing out the full aroma and fixing the smell of coffee. The traditional roasting process is enriched with “technological flavors” already at the next production stages – when packaging the coffee. The X-ray system inspects each package and rejects those containing ingredients other than coffee. Our customers can be sure that the taste of the coffee in each shipment delivered to them is the same, thanks to a special blend profiling solution. Tradition and technology are intertwined in our company every day – so as to combine all the best of Rigello coffee manufactory.

Best coffee blends. Unusual, bold, surprising. But above all, tailored to the expectations of our customers and the tastes of coffee connoisseurs.

All processes involved in the production of Rigello coffee. Create customized solutions that deliver the best possible profiled and reproducible blend of coffee to our customers.

Production capacity of our coffee roastery. Improve individual components, make needed changes and test new solutions. So as to offer, the best to our customers.

organic BIO

At the Rigello roastery, we roast coffees labeled with European organic farming certification. This assures you that coffees with this label come from plantations that do not use substances such as artificial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. We must renew the certificate every year.


At Rigello’s coffee roasting factory, we have implemented the international HACCP production quality management system, which puts us among the best coffee producers in Poland. The certificate guarantees that the bean coffee we produce is safe for health and meets all production standards.


The FRC system is a pioneering solution we have implemented to better manage the quality of production processes. We roast our coffee blends on a regular basis to avoid stockpiling. We also pay special attention to the repeatability of flavor and aroma, which guarantees success for us and our customers who sell their own brands of coffee.

Gluten Free

The crossed ear mark is an international symbol for safe gluten-free foods. A gluten-free product is considered when the gluten content of the product, as well as the in its individual components does not exceed 20 milligrams per kilogram of gluten.

Would you like to enter into a partnership with us and create interesting coffee blends together? Call us and we act!