WHY RIGELLO Coffee Roastery?

Why should you choose Rigello coffee roastery for private label? Because we can propose You more!
Coffee roasting capacity Up to 300 tons per month of finished coffee which full flavor is under control! These numbers – unique among Polish roasters – speak volumes about Rigello’s technological sophistication. Consistent quality is guaranteed by the modern Diedrich roaster, which – like the heart of our coffee roasting plant – works efficiently, steadily and tirelessly.
Coffee storage service Don’t you want all the coffee at your place right away? We will store it for you.
We air-cool the coffee At Rigello, we cool the coffee with air and not water, as a result, it does not soak.
The trick is to roast the coffee well. Even greater is to do it again, again and again… We do! At Rigello Coffee Roastery, we prepare blends that are repeatable and have balanced flavor profiles. Each of the coffees we roast has its own profile, as unique as a fingerprint.
At Rigello, you order not so much roasted grains, but a complete product with corporate identity. It also consists of safe and attractive packaging. We can design them according to your guidelines, and then print the package or label it. We simply provide you with a finished product so that you can build your business on it.

Fully printed packaging.

Packaging with a wrap-around label.

OEM Packaging.
White, black, paper.

We’ve been roasting coffee for almost 10 years, so we’ve learned a lot about beans and the business. We are happy to share this knowledge. We can help you create a proprietary blend of coffees or let you choose one from our proven portfolio.
You got interested in the possibilities offered by the coffee roastery Rigello and want to learn more?