16 ways to use coffee grounds

Every day, as many as 2 billion cups of coffee are drunk around the world, which translates into an incredible number of almost 25 million liters of this aromatic drink. To better illustrate this, imagine that more than 7 Olympic swimming pools are filled with coffee every day. Sounds really impressive, right? Let us remember, however, that coffee is not only the liquid itself, but also coffee grounds, with which something needs to be done after preparing your favorite small black coffee. Unfortunately, in most cases they end up… in the trash. And there are plenty of interesting ideas for reusing coffee grounds!

Coffee with milk – which mix to choose?

There is no doubt that coffee and milk are the perfect duo. Although centuries ago it was believed that combining milk with tea was a much better solution, today it is the black drink of the gods that is the perfect base for adding creamy foam to it. Today we will tell you why it is worth using such a combination, what grain mix to choose to prepare coffee with milk and which coffee specialties with milk are the most popular.

What are the styles of coffee grinding?

Brewing coffee at home can be a fascinating adventure, but only if you know how to skilfully take care of the whole process. One of the factors that has a large impact on the taste and aroma of the prepared drink is the appropriate thickness of the ground beans. No wonder that it is at this stage that special attention should be paid. See, therefore, what we distinguish coffee grinding styles and how the thickness of the ground beans can affect the taste of coffee.

Coffee cake recipe

According to numerous scientific studies, coffee and cake always go hand in hand. This is due to the unusual effects of caffeine on our taste receptors. Caffeine found in coffee reduces the sensitivity to the taste of those improvements that we eat while drinking coffee. The only flavor that is able to break through the aroma of coffee is sweet. This is why we are so eager to reach for something sweet when we drink coffee. What if you could combine both flavors and prepare… a coffee cake? Check out our favorite coffee cake recipes!

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