Privacy Policy

Policy of privacy and use of cookies on websites operated by P.P.H.U. “BEROTEX” JAROSŁAW MAJTCZAK with its registered office in Łódź, Poland

This document containing the Privacy and Use of Cookies Policy applies to all our websites in the domains:,,,


This Privacy Policy has been developed based on the provisions of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of April 27, 2016. on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46/EC, hereinafter referred to as RODO.

Law of July 18, 2002. On provision of services by electronic means (Journal of Laws of 2020, item 344, as amended).

Telecommunications Law of July 16, 2004. (Journal of Laws No. 171, item 1800 as amended).


The company P.P.H.U. “BEROTEX” JAROSŁAW MAJTCZAK with headquarters in Łódź (93-613), at ul. Kolumny 221, entered in the register of the Central Registration and Information on Business Activity, holding NIP: 7291832386 and REGON: 471424703 (hereinafter: “BEROTEX”)


What information do the Services collect about users and how do they use it?

The sites limit the collection and use of information about their users to the necessary minimum required to provide services to them at the desired level, in accordance with the RODO and the Law on Provision of Electronic Services. In particular, when collecting personal data, we single out those whose provision is actually necessary to provide the service electronically.

We emphasize that only in certain cases, such as subscribing to free newsletters, surveys or order forms, do we collect more detailed information about users, such as email addresses.

The administrator processes the following personal data of buyers:

a. Name and surname, company,
b. business address,
c. tax ID number,
d. phone number,
e. email address.

Provision of personal data is voluntary, but is a condition for entering into a sales agreement with the Administrator, hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”. If the buyer does not provide this data, then the Agreement will not be concluded.



For what purposes does BEROTEX process personal data?


The Administrator processes Users’ personal data for the following purposes:


a. The conclusion and performance of the Agreement linking the parties, in particular the delivery of the purchased goods and the processing of complaints (Article 6(1b) RODO – performance of the Agreement),

b. Fulfillment of the Administrator’s legal obligations, in particular the issuance and storage of invoices and other accounting documents ( Article 6(1c) RODO – legal obligation),

c. Investigation and defense against claims (Article 6 1f RODO – legitimate interest of the Administrator),

d. Fraud detection and prevention ( Article 6 1f RODO – legitimate interest of the Administrator),

e. Direct marketing ( Article 6 1a and 1f RODO – buyer’s consent, legitimate interest of the Administrator),

f. Creation of analyses and statistics, for the Administrator’s own needs, in particular reporting, marketing and market research, service development planning, researching buyers’ preferences, for the purpose of improving the quality of services provided by the Administrator ( Article 6(1a) and (1f) RODO – buyer’s consent, Administrator’s legitimate interest),

g. transfer to third parties – with the consent of the buyer, to the extent and for the purpose covered by that consent( Article 6(1a) and 1f RODO – consent of the buyer, legitimate interest of the Administrator) .



How long does BEROTEX keep your personal information?

The administrator will store personal data for the following period of time:

  1. the conclusion and performance of the Agreement connecting the parties, in particular the delivery of the purchased goods and the processing of complaints – for the duration of the Agreement and settlements after its termination,

b. Fulfillment of the Administrator’s legal obligations, in particular, the issuance and storage of invoices and other accounting documents – for the time in which the Administrator is ordered to do so by law,

c. asserting and defending against claims – until the statute of limitations for claims arising under the Agreement

d. Detection and prevention of abuse – until the statute of limitations for claims under the Agreement,

e. Direct marketing – for the duration of the Agreement, or until the buyer withdraws consent,


f. creation of analysis and statistics, for the Administrator’s own needs, in particular reporting, marketing and market research, planning the development of services, studying buyers’ preferences, for the purpose of improving the quality of services provided by the Administrator – for the duration of the Agreement or until the buyer withdraws consent

g. transfer to third parties – until the buyer withdraws consent.


If the Administrator has provided electronic services to the buyer related to the conclusion and performance of the Agreement, then in accordance with Article. 19 paragraph. 2 of the Law on Provision of Electronic Services, after the termination of services, the Administrator may process only the personal data of service recipients that are:

a. necessary for billing of the service and claiming payment for the use of the service,
b. necessary for the purposes of advertising, market research and research into the preferences of service recipients with the purpose of using the results of such research to improve the quality of services provided by the Administrator – with the consent of the service recipient,
c. necessary to clarify the circumstances of the unauthorized use of the service,
d. authorized for processing under mandatory provisions of law or contract.



Who in BEROTEX is the recipient of personal data?

The Administrator shall not transfer Users’ personal data to third parties unless it obtains the User’s prior express consent to do so, or if the right or obligation to transfer such data arises from generally applicable laws.

The Administrator entrusts Users’ personal data to the following processors:

a. providing marketing and advertising services on behalf of the Administrator,
b. supporting the Administrator’s ICT systems,
c. providing postal, courier, payment, auditing, legal and accounting assistance to the Administrator.

The Administrator ensures that it has signed data entrustment agreements with the entities to which it entrusts data.



Where does BEROTEX transfer personal data outside the European Economic Area?

Users’ personal data will not be transferred outside the European Economic Area.




What rights does a buyer have in BEROTEX related to the processing of personal data?

The user has the following rights:

a. The right to access the content of your data,

b. The right to request rectification of your data,

c. The right to request deletion of your data (right to be forgotten),

d. The right to restrict the processing of your personal data,

e. The right to transfer your data to another Administrator,

f. The right to object to the processing of your data,


g. The right to lodge a complaint with the data protection supervisory authority.


To the extent that data is processed on the basis of consent, you can withdraw it at any time by contacting the Administrator.



You have the right to object to the processing of your data at any time:

For direct marketing purposes;

for reasons related to his or her particular situation in cases where the legal basis for processing his or her data is our legitimate interest (e.g. our marketing, statistical, analytical purposes), i.e. when his data is processed pursuant to Art. 6 paragraph. 1(f) RODO.



During the term of the Agreement, the Administrator may come into possession of other User data – the IP number of the device used by the buyer and data on the buyer’s use of a specific data communications network, as well as the use of the Administrator’s website.

What actions does BEROTEX take against the information contained in the access logs?

We collect information regarding the use of the Website by its users and their IP addresses based on analysis of access logs. We use this information to diagnose server problems, analyze possible security breaches, and manage the website. The IP address is also used by us for statistical purposes, i.e. to collect and analyze demographic data of site visitors (e.g., information about the region from which the connection was made). We assure you, however, that this information is in no way associated (combined) by BEROTEX with the personal data of users of the Service, in particular with the data of subscribers to e-mailing lists and other services provided by this Service.

On the basis of the information obtained in the above-mentioned manner, aggregate general statistical statements are prepared in special cases and disclosed to third parties who cooperate with us. These usually include information about the site’s audience. However, these statements do not contain, as we emphasize, any data that would allow the identification (determination of identity) of a particular user of the Service.

At the same time, we would like to inform you that we may be obliged to disclose information regarding the IP number of a given user of the Website at the request of state authorities authorized to do so – based on applicable laws – in connection with their investigations.

We assure you that any personal data, if collected through the Services, is used primarily to fulfill BEROTEX’s obligations to its customers. This information is not shared with third parties unless:

after obtaining the prior express consent of the subjects to do so,

or if the obligation to provide such data results (will result) from legal regulations.

How does BEROTEX use information from order forms, for free newsletters, other forms and surveys conducted on the Services?

The Services include order forms that allow customers to place orders for products and services offered by BEROTEX. The data thus collected is mainly used to fulfill obligations to them.

In particular, subscribing to electronic and free newsletters issued by BEROTEX requires providing an e-mail address in the corresponding form. This field is mandatory. The data obtained in the above manner is added to the e-mailing list. The e-mail address is necessary so that the reader can be sent the newsletter he or she has ordered.

Customer contact information is also used to get in touch with customers when necessary (such as when an order needs to be confirmed). At any time, users of the Services who have subscribed to the newsletter have the opportunity to opt out of receiving it.

Other information is used to determine the profile of people using the Services and ordering newsletters and allows us to better tailor the content of the Service and newsletters to the needs of people using this form of information. However, their processing is always carried out in accordance with the provisions of the RODO and the Law on Provision of Electronic Services.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer or other mobile device when you use websites. These files are used, among other things. the use of various functions provided for on a particular website or to confirm that a particular user has seen certain content from a particular website.

For what purposes does BEROTEX use cookies on its Services?

Among the cookies we can distinguish those that are necessary for the operation of BEROTEX sites. Cookies belonging to this category are used to provide:

Maintaining user sessions;

Saving the user’s session status;

Enabling authentication using the Login Service;

Storing information that allows the user to log in anonymously;

storing information necessary for the operation of the online shopping cart in the case of online purchases through BEROTEX websites;

monitoring the availability of services.

Another category of cookies, are those that, although not necessary for the use of BEROTEX Services, make it easier to use them. They are used to enable:

Restore the last visited view the next time you log into the product;

remembering the user’s choice to stop displaying the selected message or to display it a certain number of times;

restore user session

Remembering the last selected category in the product;

Verify that the record to cookies is functioning properly;

Enabling automatic log-in to the product (“remember me” option);

Tailoring product content to users’ preferences;

setting your preferred language, currency, font size and other such properties to make working with the application easier;

Restore the last search result in the product;

display of recently browsed products in the online store;

display of the last selected sorting parameter.

BEROTEX also uses third parties, the list of which is constantly changing, which use cookies for the following purposes:

Monitoring traffic to our websites;

collecting anonymous, aggregate statistics that allow us to understand how users use our website and enable us to continuously improve our products;

Determining the number of anonymous users of our websites. Needed to analyze the use of BEROTEX services;

Controlling how often the selected content is shown to users;

Controlling how often users select a particular service;

A survey of newsletter sign-ups;

Use of a personalized recommendation system for e-commerce;

Use of the communication tool;

Integration with a community portal;

online payments.


These entities as of the date of this document include:

PayPro (more information at:

PayPal (for more information, visit:

Google AdWords

Google Analytics





How can cookies be managed?

You can manage the cookies used by BEROTEX or by any other third-party providers by changing your browser settings.

At the same time, BEROTEX stipulates that after rejecting cookies, some of the functions offered by our Services may not function properly, and even in some cases it involves complete inability to use selected functionalities of the Services.




What safeguards does BEROTEX use?

The sites are provided with security measures to protect the data under our control from loss, misuse or modification. We undertake to protect any information disclosed to us by Users in accordance with security protection and confidentiality standards.

The rights of access to the personal data of service users have been restricted in a restrictive manner, so that the information does not fall into the hands of unauthorized persons. Only a limited number of authorized BEROTEX employees have access to personal data in accordance with the RODO.

BEROTEX Sites offer Users the opportunity to opt out of receiving newsletters ordered from BEROTEX. The Services will provide Users with the option to remove information about themselves from our database and allow them to stop receiving information sent via electronic letters. This can be done by following the instructions included in the content of the messages we send.



How does BEROTEX protect the privacy of people who do not have full legal capacity?

We stipulate that the Services do not collect, monitor or verify information about the age of its visitors or others, the collection of which would make it possible to determine whether a User (including a recipient and user of e-mailing lists, a participant in surveys and a person taking part in promotions organized on its forum) has legal capacity.

Persons who do not have full legal capacity should not order or subscribe to the services provided by the Services, unless their legal representatives give their consent, if such consent is sufficient under applicable law.



How do I contact BEROTEX?

All Users who have any questions, comments or objections regarding BEROTEX’s privacy policy on the Site, including clarification of any concerns regarding the content of this notice, please send them to the following address

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